Vision & Mission

Vision & Philosophy

Lions Calcutta(Greater) Vidya Mandir is devoted to the cause of nation building. At this school we strive to groom our students into responsible citizens of tomorrow. The stress is laid on the creation of competent individuals along with inculcating a value system rooted in tradition. Our objective is to mould the youth into socially committed adults who can shape the future. The driving force is towards the holistic development of mind and body and ultimately prunes children to serve the nation in Lions way.
Using the light of knowledge our purpose is to create individuals who would always be aware of their obligations to their nation, state and community and eager to give them unswerving loyalty in word, act and deed.
The vision of spreading the light of wisdom and awakening the young minds is supported by the school managing committee, nominated by the members of the Lions Educational Trust.

Lions Calcutta(Greater) Vidya Mandir aims at imparting purposeful education to its pupils irrespective of caste, creed and religion. We aim to provide holistic education with utmost care and love with emphasis on instilling moral and ethical values, strength of character, discipline and patriotism into the young minds. The school endeavours to encourage its students to look beyond text book knowledge and amass knowledge from their surroundings and inculcate awareness about their role as global citizens. They are guided to be the pioneers in their chosen field of activity as happy individuals and socially committed citizens of the country.

To nurture and groom each child so that he/she reaches full potential.
To develop leadership ability and instil a sense of responsibility.
To develop confidence in each child, to dare to dream.
To enhance the ability of the candidates to express their ideas and feelings.
To imbibe the essence of environmental values and ethics for harmonious co existence with nature.
To develop a sense of discipline and rational understanding of problems and its effective resolution in an amicable manner.
To teach tolerance, compassion and empathy.
To foster the ability to distinguish the right from the wrong, the fact from the myth, the grain from the chaff.

The school has an impressive infrastructure with all modern amenities for learning. The school is well connected to all major areas being centrally located at Chowhati, near Rajpur and Sonarpur and is accessible through an inter connected highway to the main city.