Meditation Session- a perfect blend of solace and sanctity

A meditation workshop was held on 26th of March 2018 At L.C.G.V.M premises. The work shop was conducted by TEMPLE OF INNER WISDOM. The programme was also graced by the presence of Mrs. Dayamanti  Jhunjhunwala.

Meditation plays an important role in reducing stress, improving concentration & promotes inner health. Numerous other benefits were talked about in the workshop. An hour long brief workshop with the teachers of L.C.G.V.M concentrated on the positive impact of meditation on the children. Students who are hyperactive can be calmed down through effective use of meditation.

The workshop consisted of a 15 minutes of pranayama followed by meditation. The guidance from the representatives of TEMPLE OF INNER WISDOM accompanied by soothing music transformed the ambience into a serene one. The teachers were guided to have a count on their breath. They discovered immense peace of mind when they open their eyes.

The teachers of L.C.G.V.M were fortunate enough to get this opportunity and are looking forward to pass this on to the to the children during school hours.