A collection of 6000 books and CDs are available for exploring, researching and learning fort students. The library is regularly replenished with latest arrivals. While there is an allotted library period, habit of extra reading is also encouraged through class library, suggested reading list. Book review is part of English language curriculum.


Our learning resource centre provides:
• Books, pamphlets, periodicals, audio visual materials and computers with CD ROMS to supplement the text books and use for reference.
• A good selection of fiction for wide and valued reading.
• Books and magazines on various subjects of social interests.
• Fiction and classics in English, Bengali and Hindi.
• Audio visual room complete with educational audio and video cassettes and CDs.


• Story books are issued for a week to the students of classes VI to X and for a fortnight to the students of class V.
• Students are allowed to re-issue the same book, he/she has issued last week, only once with a gap of one week in between to make it available to all students all the time.


• If a student fails to return his/her library book on the due date, a grace of 15 days (working days) is granted and thereafter a fine of Rs. 2 per day is charged as a fine.
• If a student damages or loses his/her book can replace the same with a fresh copy of it and if he/she fails the cost of the book is charged as fine.